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Weerama Festival

The Weerama Festival is celebrated each year and represents the diversity, culture and way of life in the City of Wyndham. This year the inagural Sustainable Gardening competition was introduced. The competition was judged by a panel consisting of Charmaine Wakefield, proprietor Monlisha Park Nursery, Mr Gavan O'Neill - Melbourne Water and Mrs Gwen Elliott A.M., President of the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne. Corazon was awarded First Prize and received $5000 from Melbourne Water. Our thanks go to Melbourne Water for sponsoring the competition.

City West Water Community Support Grant

We were successful in obtaining a Community Support Grant from City West Water In February, 2008. The grant, worth nearly $5000, enabled us purchase a well and a submersible pump to set up a storm water harvesting system. Water, collected via the well, is pumped back to one of three rain water tanks where it is used for irrigating our native garden, fruit tress and vegetable garden as well as sustaining our frog habitat.

We are very grateful to City West Water because it has enabled us to set up a truly sustainable ecosystem, the benefits already evidenced by the number of native birds that have moved onto the property.  We also have a family of blue-tongued lizards roaming around the grounds. It has been important for us to develop our environment as a receptive “space’ in which people, especially vulnerable people, can find healing. We would like to also thank Chris Kaklikos, from Wyndham City Plumbing, who helped us to bring the project in on budget and the many volunteers who lent their time and talent to the development of the garden.      

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