Corazon Care recognises that the best way to care for children is to care for their families. At some stage all families will encounter loss, grief, separation and trauma of many kinds including the stress that results from simply needing time out - the time and space to renew one's energies and hopes.

If you feel the need for such "time out", Corazon Care can offer you the opportunity for:
being heard and understood
recreation and relaxation
time to be with others
time to reflect
time to simply 'be'

We recognise the importance of holistic care and aim to offer opportunities for establishing healthy self care. This includes nourishing meals, daily exercise, relaxation therapy, acting on one's hopes and dreams, growth in personal self awareness and dealing with feelings. If you feel the desire to come aside and rest awhile, please contact us.

Corazon behind trees

Corazon in association with Mackillop Family Services