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Our Committee of Management and Members

Our Committee of Management and Members

The Committee of Management was established on 13 March 2002. The Committee has responsibility for the governance of the organization. In particular, the Committee of Management oversees: the achievement of organizational aims, strategic planning and review, compliance and legal obligations, financial planning, risk compliance, agency policy review and endorsement, promotion and fundraising, and provides an accountability function to The Member, funding bodies and the community.

Committee of Management

Office Bearers


Adele Hegedic

  • Appointed Chairperson December 2019


Noelene Keogh

  • Appointed Secretary March 2015
  • Appointed Committee Member March 2015


Mary Davis rsj

  • Appointed Treasurer June 2010
  • Appointed Committee Member March 2002

Committee Members:

Pauline Compton

  • Appointed Committee Member March 2014

Geralyn McCarthy 

  • Appointed Committee Member March 2017

Mary-Anne Perry

  • Appointed Committee Member December 2018

Belinda Sullivan

  • Appointed Committee Member December 2019

The Member

Philippa Murphy fdnsc
Moya Hanlen fdnsc
Lorraine McCleary fdnsc
Pauline Richards fdnsc
Mary Stevens fdnsc